Velcome to fotoapparaten!

My name is Peter Blomquist and I am a amateur photographer from Sweden. The meaning with my website is only not to show pictures to my family and my friends but also to everyone! To you! What will you do when your hard drive gets full with pictures and why do you shoot pictures, and what shall you do with them?     

With these issues I decided to start this website and that gave me the opportunity to show pictures in public. I hope the website get many visitors and that you will enjoy my pictures. 

My pictures is protected of copyright. But if you want to buy a picture of me or use them for commercially order you just contact me with an email. 

The name of the website has a family background. My dear mother has always called a camera for "fotoapparat"    That´s  swedish and means "photomachine" or something like that! 



News on fotoapparaten

In July 2015 we took a trip to Höga kusten and the national park Skuleskogen, in the the part of Sweden who´s called Västernorrland. The pictures in the gallery are from the national park, from Skuleberget and from the little island Trysunda near Ulvön outside Köpmanholmen. 

New old pictures! We visited Lofoten i Norway 2011. Lofoten is very beautiful with the coast and the wild Atlantic see outside.